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Here's what people say about Dr. Bonnie...


Dr. Bonnie is caring and thorough. She treats with the minimum amount of force / pressure needed. She also advises about home treatment and exercises. The staff is very helpful with insurance paperwork. The music is also relaxing. 

Even though I have degeneration in the discs in my spine, my condition has greatly improved and I have very few flare-ups now. 


Dr. Bonnie is always informative on what to be doing and taking regarding vitamins and supplements to make you feel better.

I have problems with my lower back and shoulders from doing physical labor all my life. My aches and pains are always better after seeing Dr. Bonnie.


Dr. Bonnie truly cares. She asks me what is going on in my life - all aspects of it - and has an intuition on what will heal and help my body. Dr. Bonnie is patient and kind and really cares about her patients. I feel that every time I visit. 

I have been in three car accidents - one was very severe. I have been coming to Dr. Bonnie for 13 years now. No one can compare with the quality of care her patients receive here. 
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