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Dr. Bonnie is very concerned that her patients feel that they have received a treatment that is best for their problem. She has suggested not only the treatments, heat treatments, adjustments, and vitamins. I had surgery on my lower back (L-5-4-3). The pain is gone, but I continue to have chiropractic treatments, which is great.

- Terry
People of Wisconnie trust their backs to Dr. Bonnie.

- Theresa
I have had chronic low back pain for years that requires occasional "tune-ups." My problem is complicated by the fact that I'm a snowbird for 5 months every winter so I'm out of town for an extended period of time. 

Even though I'm a senior citizen, I try to stay very active through golfing, walking, and yard work. This activity means stress and strain on my lower back that needs chiropractic attention. 

I realize that my chronic problem may never be permanently "fixed." My goal is to manage it so that I can continue the activities of my life. She is enabling me to do just that.

Dr. Bonnie always addresses the problem very professionally. She and her staff always are very personable and competent. 

- Glenn
Dr. Bonnie truly cares. She asks me what is going on in my life - all aspects of it - and has an intuition on what will heal and help my body. Dr. Bonnie is patient and kind and really cares about her patients. I feel that every time I visit. 

I have been in three car accidents - one was very severe. I have been coming to Dr. Bonnie for 13 years now. No one can compare with the quality of care her patients receive here. 

- Michelle
Dr. Bonnie listens to you about what areas are hurting you. She also explains how stretching and nutrition play an important role in your health. 

I have been seeing Dr. Bonnie for years to keep my back aligned due to my physical job.

- Tamar
Dr. Bonnie is always informative on what to be doing and taking regarding vitamins and supplements to make you feel better.

I have problems with my lower back and shoulders from doing physical labor all my life. My aches and pains are always better after seeing Dr. Bonnie.

- Candace
Dr. Bonnie is caring and thorough. She treats with the minimum amount of force / pressure needed. She also advises about home treatment and exercises. Connie (and staff) is very helpful with insurance paperwork. The music is also relaxing. 

Even though I have degeneration in the discs in my spine, my condition has greatly improved and I have very few flare-ups now. 

- Kathy
Dr. Bonnie was very understanding and knowledgeable. Her experience has made a difference in one session. Her adjustment put me back to moving with less pain. 

I twisted my back at work and my muscles were swollen and I was getting spasms. Dr. Bonnie explains what is going on with your body and provides you with what will help. 

My back has improved greatly due to having Dr. Bonnie do service for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Bonnie to anyone. 

- Janet
Dr. Bonnie treats every patient with more care and compassion than my own doctor! She's always pleasant and always listens!  I've been a regular patient since 2001 and I can't imagine going anywhere else! 

I've had low back and neck problems since 1995. Dr. Bonnie took the time to really find the cause of my pain and treat it correctly. Even when I need extra treatment, she's always made time to fit me in!

- Melissa
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